At Understand the Science, our mission is to provide easy-to-understand medical education on crucial healthcare topics to empower informed health decisions.

Understand the Science is a 501c3 non-profit comprised of experts committed to use our pharmaceutical education, training, and technical experience to simplify science. Our web platform features under 2-minute visual-learning videos presented by our scientists with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant that answers questions instantly using natural language understanding. The reference-supported medical information provides a trusted source for medical education accessible to anyone.

Board of Directors

Ami Ehlenberger

Managing Director, CTO Machine Learning & Intelligence Operations, Chase

Dada Honde

Senior Director, Data & Analytics Solutions, Comcast


Sherrill Berk

Strategic Fundraising Advisor


UTS Team

Joan Francy


Lisa M. DiPilato

PhD, Treasurer

Chris Francy

PhD, Content contributor

Hannah McGary

MBA, Content contributor

Katherine Na

Project Management